SA Cocktail Week

Sat 29 Feb - 07 March 2020 . Cnr Waterkant & Loop Street . Cape Town

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Tim Truran | 17 February 2020

If you, like me, only know the names of a handful of cocktails, have never ordered anything more adventurous than a G&T at a bar, and love good classy fun, the SA Cocktail Week is a festival you won't want to miss out on. It's also super cool for those of you who know practically everything there is to know about mixology. (Fun fact: "mixology" is a neologism that rose in popularity with Cocktail Culture, only recently finding its way into major dictionaries.) The SA Cocktail Week is essentially a massive white party-style celebration of taste and entertainment.

Promising an epic and lively festival, the organisers have seen  that there will be no shortage of cocktail-related activity.

Learn the both the art and origins of mixology in Cocktail Masterclasses. Experience exquisite pairings of food and spirits. Vibe along to the beats of excellent live and local electronic music. Keep the party going with casino-style entertainment.

The week kicks off with a Grand Opening Street Party in which the country's most premium bars, brands and industry role players come together in one place to shake things up. Join the Street Party for cocktails, games, food & top of the line DJs.

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